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This story takes place in an alternate universe where all the characters don't exist. It starts at the beginning of the Taisho Period where modern technology is starting to seep into Japan and everyone would be happy except for one thing...Demons. Demons are immortal human-eating beings and most have lost their memories from their human life but few still retain them. The Demon Slayer Corps use special techniques and blades to oppose them.

Who will win in this long-lasting struggle? Have you ever wanted to create your won Demon Slayer, Demon or Nichirin blade and breath style? Well wait no longer the Demon Slayer Roleplay Wiki is here to let your creativity flow. You can check out other characters and templates to start your character.


Currently we have 22 articles and 26 images on this wiki.

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An arranged meeting between the Hashiras/Pillars and the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps is starting to take place. They are planning to discuss the upcoming Final Selection. Who are the 9 top Demon Slayers? Who is the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps? What are the new Demon Slayers going to be like?

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